Leno Conti's 90th Celebrations

May 13th is a special day for all of us at Conti’s this year. We are excited to be celebrating the 90th birthday of Angelo Attilio Alfredo Conti at our café in Lampeter. Angelo, (known to all as Leno) came to 5 Harford Square, Lampeter, in 1948, after leaving the RAF to assist his father in running the shop and making the renowned Conti’s Ice Cream - which is still a secret family recipe. It is now being produced by his daughter and grandson.

Leno and his loving wife Daphne (who he met and married in Lampeter), have been a beacon of love and support to their local community through creating a warm welcoming haven for students, friends and family alike at Conti’s for decades. Leno is honoured to have had the title of Rugby club president, and a short career (a single match) as Lampeter Town F.C’s Goal Keeper!

Having asked what his most treasured memory of the last 90 years for this article was, he half-jokingly said ‘My first Sunday meal cooked by Daphne after our wedding; she had never done it before, the potatoes and gravy were badly burnt, it was awful! But wonderful’ he chuckled at me.

Raising their 3 children (Jo, Damian, & Simon) above the shop, and in turn being their 4 grandchildren’s first experiences of ‘the working world’ has left Leno’s story book of life overflowing with fantastic tales of afternoons spent with wonderful friends in the café.


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We will be hosting an open café celebration on the 13th of May at Conti’s in Lampeter from 12pm to 4pm. A warm welcome is extended to all, so drop by for a coffee and cake and the chance so hear some of the many stories of Leno’s time in Conti’s Café.

Well wishes can also be sent to info@contisicecream.com prior to the day.

Written by Heulwen Beattie

Heulwen Beattie